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ďAnthracite PeopleĒ is the story of immigration and ethnicity in the Anthracite Region of Northeastern Pennsylvania.  From the Regionís first arrivals, Paleo-Indians, to the present day immigrants from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, the exhibit highlights themes of life and work.  Major segments focus on the areaís historically leading industries - mining and textiles.  They were men and women, adults and children.  The immigrants came to the Anthracite Region from more than three dozen nations, and spoke nearly as many languages.  Some were experienced workers; many more were peasants with no industrial job skills.

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Wales In America
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The many displays include:  
Artifacts from the Indians who once inhabited the Lackawanna and Wyoming Valleys.
Horse-drawn vehicles used to deliver milk and meat to families and stores.
Photographs depicting the men, women and children of the Anthracite region as they went about their daily activities.
The tools and machinery used in the mining of anthracite coal.
Silk machinery and a Lace loom from the once booming Scranton silk and lace industry.
Certificates, letters and books that bring to life the thoughts, ideals and values of the people of the region.

A tour through the galleries of the Anthracite Heritage Museum provide an insiderís view and understanding of the daily lives of the regionís coal, mill and railroad families. Click on the following gallery pictures
for more information.

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The Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum and 
Iron Furnaces, administered by Chester Kulesa, Site Administrator,
 are two of three sites that make up the Anthracite Museum Complex, 
which also includes 
Eckley Miner's Village.

The Museum and Iron Furnaces are owned and operated by the 
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Historical and Museum 
Commission, Harrisburg, PA.

Tom Corbett, Governor
Andrew E. Masich, Chairman
James M. Vaughan, Executive Director

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