Observing the following guidelines will help to assure a safe and enjoyable learning experience for everyone.  Please distribute a copy of this to each teacher/chaperone/assistant in your group.

Download our Chaperone Responsibilities Form (PDF)

To get the most out of your group’s visit…

  • Allow ample time for travel, restroom breaks & lunch.
  • Prepare students for the museum environment by discussing why a museum is a “special place”.
  • Introduce students to Anthracite before visit. What is it and why is it important?
  • Follow directions of museum staff, respect volunteer guides.
  • Touch objects only at specific invitation of your guide.
  • Avoid leaning on hanging panels or exhibit cases.
  • Share chaperone responsibilities.

Additional suggestions…

  • Be prepared to divide your group into smaller units, with adults to accompany each group into the exhibit hall to assist as needed.
  • Students should speak with an indoor voice and walk, not run.
  • Students should be respectful and attentive to guides’ presentations. Questions are encouraged at the end of the tour, raising a hand to be recognized.
  • Exhibit objects are damaged by handling. Please allow students to handle only objects that the museum guides invite them to touch.
  • Chaperones should also assist their group if/when they shop in the museum store.
  • Restrooms are located in the museum lobby, to the left as one enters the building.
  • Chewing gum, food, and beverages are not permitted in the exhibit hall.
  • Please, set cell phones on vibrate to avoid distracting from the tour.
  • Photography is allowed in this museum, except in the Rogers’ Saloon (bar) where flash is not permitted. However, photographers should avoid distracting themselves or others from the guide’s presentation.
  • The museum is a smoke-free building. Butt cans are located outside the entrance. Please\r\ndispose of trash in receptacles on the grounds.
  • Staff and volunteers are available to answer questions and assist visitors. We appreciate your\r\nhelp in making your group’s day at the museum a positive experience for everyone.

Special Interests

E-mail subject interest area to bmorin@pa.gov (science, social studies, labor history). We honor your requests, schedule permitting.

Lesson Plans

For lesson plans, check out www.explorepahistory.com, complete with PA standards, down-loadable photos, interactive coal mine, and more! To find anthracite lessons, click on “teachPAhistory”, select “region” and “Poconos Endless Mountains”. Encourage students to explore the vast website.