Scranton Iron Furnaces

Located near the Steamtown National Historic Site, the Scranton Iron Furnaces represent the early iron industry in the United States. The four massive stone blast furnaces are the remnants of a once extensive plant operated by the Lackawanna Iron & Steel Company. Started in 1840 as Scranton, Grant & Company, the firm had the largest iron production capacity in the United States by 1865. By 1880 it poured 125,000 tons of pig iron, which was converted in its rolling mill and foundry into T-rails and other end products. In 1902, the company dismantled the plant and moved it to Lackawanna, New York to be closer to the high-grade iron ores coming out of the Mesabi Range.

The Scranton Iron Furnaces educates the public about the site of the Lackawanna Iron and Coal Company and its impact upon the nation’s industrial revolution demonstrating the relevance of industrial history in our lives. The Scranton Iron Furnaces are administered by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission and are actively supported by the Anthracite Heritage Museum and Iron Furnaces Associates which is a non-profit community based organization.

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The Scranton Iron Furnaces, situated in a historic park setting, are open to visitors year round from dawn to dusk. In the summer months facilities are available for picnics and event rentals.

The Scranton Iron Furnaces is located at 159 Cedar Ave., Scranton, PA 18505.